Ten Things I’m Afraid Of

I’m reading Code Name Verity right now – I’m about 36% done, as per the Kindle, so I have a pretty long way to go. But the narrator just updated her list of her fears and in commiseration, I will put down a list of mine here. After that I will get back to the book and boy, will I finish it! There’s just so much to read!


  1. I’m afraid of dying without reading all the books I want to read. Alternatively, I’m afraid of reading all the books I’ve ever wanted; that would be terrible, too.
  2. Growing up (not growing old, mind you). Growing up comes with a price; I’m not sure if I’m grown up enough to understand that. I have the Peter Pan syndrome and I’m quite delighted about it.
  3. Too many people.
  4. This aforementioned fear has evolved into never having any time to myself. With facebook, whatsapp, gmail, texting – I can’t stay away from people, even when I want to. And that is frustrating.
  5. Not being able to travel.
  6. Losing my parents
  7. Someone messing up my bookshelf/cupboard/drawers (this is mostly OCD, I know)
  8. Dropping/scratching/breaking my Kindle
  9. Lizards. How could I forget these guys? These vile vermins. Ughh.
  10. The friendship between the Boy and me changing – this is my number one fear right now. We’ve been apart for a long while now.

I will update this list, of course. 🙂

I will get back to my book now. Have happy Sunday, people!


The One Where It All Begins.

When I came back, the first thing I did was re-arrange my favourite book shelf – I have been home for exactly seventeen days and I don’t find it weird that I am *still* living out of a suitcase.

Right now, I’m surrounded by seven books and my Kindle.

Every morning (afternoon, actually) starts with the same thought, “What book should I read today?”Weekends-001

I leave books in the bathroom, as a (bad) habit. I’ve missed reading in the bathroom for five years in law school. My bowels are perfect when I have something to read while I do the deed!

The Mater has paid an online library to deliver books home (and pick them up when I’m done reading! Whoa!) because she dreads the next three and a half months as much I do.

If the Pater moves a book off the shelf, I notice almost immediately.
The Boy threatens to break up if I don’t read his favourite books (Torture, I say!).

The Brother doesn’t read at all. I secretly want to disown him.

If I have kids and they don’t read, I am going to defenestrate them.


I have a lot of free time and I am reading like a woman possessed. 🙂

So it begins.

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